Tiger Beer



Rich Taste 330ml Bottle Tiger Beer


Rich Taste 330ml Bottle Tiger Beer


Tiger Beer is a refreshing and full-bodied lager beer with a light straw color, soft beady aroma and a hint of tropical fruit. Its malty character is immediately noticeable, with a silky texture on the palate and has a clean, crisp finish when served chilled.

We offer Tiger beer products in 330ml bottles and 330ml and 500ml cans.

Obrascon Ltd deals on a professional level in underbond (duty free) beer, spirit and tobacco products. We only sell our products in full truck or container loads. Our company hold accounts at well known bonded warehouses amongst them Loendersloot, Newcorp, TOP Logistics, Sacchetti&Simi, IEFW, DBS, Cotrama and Steinweg/Sharaf Next, to TIGER beer products we offer many other branded and non branded beer products.

Tiger Beer
Product type  Beer
Alcohol Content 5%
Shelf life 12 months
Certification IFS and ISO
Processing Type Pasteurized
Packaging  Bottles
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