Quality Pampers (Baby-Dry Diapers)



Quality Pampers (Baby-Dry Diapers)

Baby-dry Diapers BUBUBEAR(Flexible Fit)
Applicable People Baby(both girls and boys)
Size/Baby Weight S(4-8kg), M(6-11kg), L(9-14kg), XL(12-17kg)
Company Capacity 3 Million Pcs /day
MOQ 1 Container
OEM/ODM Support
Main Features 1. Imported wood pulp + polymer;

2. Spunbond large pearl hydrophilic non-woven fabric;

3. Breathable base film + printed PE film;

4. Blue true diversion layer, with urine visible;

5. White velvet front waist sticker + S cut Velcro;

6. Large elastic waist


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