Nickel is primarily used in association with other elements to impact strength, toughness and corrosion resistance at normal temperatures as well as high and low temperatures. Controlled expansion alloy applications, (e.g.) temperatures controls used in electronics, T.V. Tubes, Jewelry of gold filled, rolled gold plate and white gold alloys.



Nickel Cobalt Iron Carbon Sulfur Copper Zinc Lead
99.80% 0.15% max. 0.02% max. 0.03% max. 0.01% max. 0.02% max. <0.00005% <0.005%




Forms :
Briquettes – 38mm x 32mm x 16mm

Typical Chemical Analysis :
Exceeds the chemical requirements of ISO 6283, NR9995 and ASTM B 39 Nickel by difference.


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