Type of product:
Custom Paper Bag
Kraft Paper Bag, White Cardboard Bag, Black Cardboard Paper Bag ect
Bags, clothes, shoes ect
Tailored to customer needs
Tailored to customer needs
Printing way:
Gravure Printing
Place of origin:
Guangdong, china
Transit Time:
5-15 days
1. We have our own factory, rich products, we strictly check the quality of all products, in order to provide you with good service, create a happy shopping experience 2. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. do not hesitate to contact us. We are always at your service 3. After delivery, we will track delivery until you receive delivery 4. If you find any problem after receiving the express, please contact us and we will will take care of it in time. 5. When you use them for long time, if you have any good suggestions, you can tell us, providing a good shopping experience is our focus which we pursue all the time.
Custom Products Process 1. Pre-sale consultation: Please confirm our customer service staff the style, size, quantity, production process and custom models of customized products, please call us, we will tell you will give a precise quote. 2. Layout design: After confirming the quotation, if the composition is required, we will contact the designer to design the sample. 3. Check the model: After our designer designs the project according to your requirements, we will give you the draft for reference, if there is any need to improve, you can put forward your suggestions. 4. Confirm the final project:After repeated communication and modification, the final version is determined, once determined, it cannot be changed. 5. In order to: When confirming the final version, we will make them, if you need samples, we can provide, when finish the sample, we can send it to you. 6. Delivery: When you finished, we will send the goods to you.
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