Budweiser Beer



-Budweiser 33cl bt

– We can offer all sizes of Budweiser in cans or in bottles, we can also source under request.

– The minimum order quanity for this product is 5,000 €. However, the complete order has to be at least 1 FCL. You can mix this product with other brands / products to get a FCL of 20´ or 40´. Please note

1.Europe Origin products
2.We offer a steady supply of Heineken beer
3.We have 1 bonded warehouse and 1 general warehouse
4.We can offer FOB and CNF to all the world.
5.We can offer all A brands spirits, liquer, champagne and wine from Spanish vinery.
6. if you have any other interested please feel free to contact us for info on price and product details.



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