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Wholesale Supply Store – Peco Trade

PECOTRADE BVBA  is a liscensed wholesale supplier of Food & Beverages, Soft Drinks, Energy drinks and Confectioneries. Among our top selling brands are NESTLE,PEPSI,Redbull,Monster Energy  and many others. We have been top suppliers to premium firms all round the world for a decade now. Among our top selling whole products are Nuttella, Bic lighters,Kit Kat,kinda-joy, chewing gums, coffee and tea, Baby formula, beer, Grains and many more. We are premium suppliers on Alibaba and many other B2B sites with a 5 stared customer review. Looking for a reliable company to supply you with soft and energy drinks, whiskey/Cognac/Champagne etc, then PecoTrade got you covered. Shop from the best supplier on Alibaba and Global sources. 

   Our prices for wholesale Energy drinks,like redbull,Monster,and even Soft drinks and confectioneries are reasonable . We look forward having you as our client.


Our 17 years experience as licensed wholesale exporters of food & Beverages,Energy drinks, confectionery, and other agricultural products makes that a reason for you to trust our products and delivery procedures.. Turning over £130m in 2015, PECOTRADE boasts 14 specialist confectionery cash & carries in addition to a rapidly growing online business and a direct confectionery distribution arm serving larger organizations and leisure groups. PECOTRADE lives, breathes and even eats sweets and chocolates day in and day out – consistently .


Where are you Located?

We are Located in Belgium.

Do you have Social Media Accounts?

Peco trade is On Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin

Can I order a small sample first?

You are welcome to order a small sample of our product .You can order from ourwebsite directly or request a quote

Do you offer discount?

We offer discounts on all wholesales or bulk purchases.

Is your facility open to the public?

We have always been opened to the public but since the pandemic, we have taken lots of precautions.

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